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Skinny dipping in Bali

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I stayed at a naturist resort in Bali - the beach area was unfortunately not for nudists. There was a five foot fence between the resort nude grounds and the non-nude beach. As I approached the fence unclothed, I became aware of a lot of giggling. It turned out there were a bunch of teenage girls peeping over the top of the fence.

I slipped into my shorts and opened the gate to the beach and walked into the water. Since it was a really quiet place with no other swimmers, once deep enough, I slipped off the shorts and floated around. Later, as I walked back to the resort (again in my shorts), the girls giggled out that they could see "everything" as I floated. I don't see how - I was well over 30-40 m out into the sea.

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RE:Skinny dipping in Bali

Depending on how much the shorts' colour contrasts with your body, perhaps the lack of clothing could be seen even if the detail couldn't.

Flesh coloured suits could be interesting for the ambiguity.

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