Indian naturist or nudist who are really a nudist can shares their experiences here. Obviously indians are feels shy to show thier faces. Not even ladies but more men's are likely to hide their faces. If we are nude, then we have to show it .this is pure nudism

Nude Dares : Experiences

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Hi Folks

Let's share some nude dares that we have done

I have gone naked in a few countries. I usually love picking corners of the beach to go naked and flash women. In Thailand, late into the night at 4 am, I once was drunk and reached a pub that had dancers. They were closing for the day.

They asked me to pick a beer. I said I would do that if they allow me to dance naked on stage in front of the 5 women present. They thought I was joking. I went up naked on stage and danced. The ladies there giggled and fondled my penis up and down. They were laughing their wits out to see a naked man amidst their place. They then asked me to put my clothes on and leave the place when they closed for the day.

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