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It is a SIN to be NAKED. (just my experience)

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It is a SIN to be NAKED.
In our country it is allowed and accepted only for adult men of 2 religious sects (1. Hindu Naga Sadhu 2. Jain Muni of Digambar sect) to be naked in public, otherwise it is considered a SIN for us to be naked other than necessary (medical) in front of others and we are conditioned from our childhood to believing in it and we end up believing in it.

When one is a textiler, they have nothing to worry, but for a nudist / naturist who are bought up since childhood in the environment of moral policing and inducing fear of GOD and SIN, the conflict in the mind is extremely taxing.

Because of the conditioning since childhood, we do not dare to do what is natural i.e. be naked even for a short while, when dressing up.

The trauma of fighting my mind not to commit the SIN was overweighing on me. All along from my childhood until my early years of middle adulthood, I used to grab the opportunity to undress and be the way I loved to be when alone at home. However, mind was not satisfied because it was forced to be alert for a knock on the door and the feeling of may be Im committing a SIN.

Probably ever Indian nudist story, but this is mine.

Rest in next.

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