Indonesian FEMALE Nudist Club

Simple.. This group/club is open Specially for LADIES or FEMALE who love nudity or have a same perception about nudist, whitout limitation of age. In this group we can share, discuss all about nudity, meet between member if you agree. Our Vision is : Nudist is natur, beautiful and amazing....

Anywhere Safe for Nudist

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Indonesia must have a million beaches and while most are crowded with people on weekends and holidays, there are many other days they are completely deserted. Of course, some of these beaches have roads that go right past them and are small and always in view. On the other hand, there are beaches that are long and have only one access point. There are also beaches that the roads to them have been pretty much forgotten and the beaches stay hidden.
Anyone know of possible beaches where someone or someones could enjoy some time naked out of site? One possible area we scoped out was near Krui. Matahari beach seems to be very long but with one general access point. The locals seem to only stop at this access and don't venture down the beach. if someone were to get naked out of site of the locals, the only possibility of being seen would be by some surfers who really wouldn't care.
Any place else?

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