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Visiting Cinque Terra in May 2019

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We are visiting the Cinque Terra region of Italy in May 2019. We are wondering if there are any nude beaches in this beautiful area of Italy..... or other places to get nude. Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Mark and Darlene

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RE:Visiting Cinque Terra in May 2019

We went to Italy for 1st time last year. Did one nude beach on our trip, which was great. Easy parking and warm water, maybe 50 peeps there. Of course I cant remember the name at the moment. We were staying in Tuscany and it was about an hour SW of where we were staying from there. PM me and I will look it up.

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RE:Visiting Cinque Terra in May 2019

Did you remember the name of the beach? I will be in that area for the next month or 2. I would love to know what it was so I could go there.

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