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Now it's got us!

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I heard about photos in groups which are deleted without any recognizable reason. I have had until now no experiences with that. Now it's got us. A member has put some nice photos into our group. To make it clear I didn't delete them. Maybe a moderator saw a problem with the rules in one of the photos. But why delete them all? I like all the photos you put in our group but females are underrepresented there. So I was very delighted about some photos of a woman. I hope a second try brings more success.

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RE:Now it's got us!

I'm pretty certain that what you describe is correct most of the time.I've occasionally found that posting the same pics at different times of the day gets different results. Perhaps different moderators have different interpretations and tolerance and different moderators are active at different times of the day. I am yet to work out the best time to get the 'relaxed' moderator...In my case, I'm pretty certain a psycho moderator with a personal vendetta against me and was simply deleting everything I posted -- including landscapes. I tried posting at various times around the clock to no avail. I ended up simply deleting essentially all of my images -- waiting a couple of months and re-uploading them.

So far, so good.

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RE:Now it's got us!

Moderators being inconsistent over time may also be a thing. We are human, after all. :-)

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RE:Now it's got us!

I have no trouble making allowances for being human.Moderators being inconsistent over time may also be a thing. We are human, after all. :-)However, the inconsistencies I've encountered go way beyond simply variation and human error. I also understand that each person will draw the line between what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a slightly different place. But that's not what I've been talking about.
I've seen faceless spread-eagle gaping-cunt shots left up on the site for months, even after they were reported, while totally innocuous landscapes and pictures of flowers are taken down within a matter of minutes. That's the kind of inconsistency I'm talking about. Oh, yes, and pictures of soap.

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