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Nude again in a spa

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I was nude in a spa last with my wife and that is now several years ago. Recently I read that a spa in a city nearby had again a nudist evening after the limitations of the pandemic. So I went there. The man at the entry who sold the tickets told everybody that the day after 7 p.m. there was swimming without swimming trunks. I was there shortly after 7. So I don't need a cabin to undress me. There were some people in the changing aerea who wanted to leave the spa. That didn't bother me. In the spa the visitors wore a bath towel around their waist or a bathing robe or a special saunakilt which you can buy there. Of courde in the water they were all nude. I was the only who went nude. I thought I would be requested to wear a bath towel. But not that. The female pool attendants seemed to like to look a little. Later I saw a few other vsitors who also went nude. There were mostly men but also some women. There are 2 hot pools with salt water, one of them outdoor. In the mist there I could see some couples cuddling. This remembers me my visits in a spa with my wife. In the spa is a a sauna aera with several saunas and a steam sauna.
And a outdoor sauna aerea with more saunas, a pool to cool and a whirlpool. I spent a nice evening and will come again.

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