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Nudists who enjoys wearing a Kilt. Nudists who admire kilt wearers.

I love wearing my kilt out in town. The freedom of movement it provides, the ventilation around naturally warm areas of the body, and of course the joy of seeing people looking twice. Thing is though that I dont wear a traditional kilt; I wear a Utilikilt. A Utilikilt is a modern version of the traditional kilt but tailored for the typical outdoorsmen: fully pleated instead of half, cargo pockets on each side, belt loops, and made of a sturdy canvas material.

I always get asked all kinds of questions like: how do you put it on, how were the pockets attached, how it felt, freedom of movement, prices, styles, etc. But then comes the one question that every kilt wearer seems to be asked: what do you have on underneath? Normally and during the winter months, I go Irish; meaning that I wear underwear. But during the spring humidity and summer heat, I dare myself to go Scottish; meaning that I go commando.

I am working hard to one day live a lifestyle where I dont have to wear clothes at all; to be a full-time nudist. But if I do have to wear clothes for any reason, that my go to choice will be one of my utility kilts.

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RE:My Utilikilt

You can't fault the utility kilts, can ya?

I have a blue one and a green one, plus a camouflage one this has been worn in ages, but I think it'll have to come out soon.

They are more socially accepted than men in skirts, and as you said, the next best thing to be naked in public, if you go 'true Scotsman' of course.

For really special occasions I have a real leather one, that is hot. I shouldn't have really bought it, because I don't / can't wear it often, but when I do it's fun.

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RE:My Utilikilt

Would like to see how you looks at Utilikilt
even if you hide your face please

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RE:My Utilikilt

I have 2 utility kilts from 2 different vendors. Love them.

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