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Labia especially among Female body builders...

Hi among you ever noticed that the labia's among female ( extreme ) body builders very highly developed that normal and at times their ( big ) clit looks like a small penis? Wish hearing others too ! Jay...

Book of Flowers

Hello everyone. as an pencil artist I am doing most nudes or seminudes. One of my models came with an idea of making sketches of vulvas. A vulva is the most beautiful thing mother nature made, each vulva is unique ! The idea was born - 100 Flowers....

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New to the group

It looks like posting a close up labia pic isn't allowed. Does anyone use hangouts or wickr? Would love to share and chat with other women.

my labia on the beach

the beach and the sun are the things I like the most. I like to lie on the beach when the sun touches my labia.

Bigger labia

I wish my labia was bigger. I love to spread out and relax on the beach for comfort. I have very small lips and a very big clitoris. I often wonder if people think Im sexually aroused , as I often notice people stare down at me. Would they think,Im...

Labia a great part of the female body?

Hi and yes I would definatly agree with the labia being a fab part of the female but then isnt every every part! Bernie

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My wife has beautiful lips

I really enjoy having people check out my wife's lovely labia. Added another photo

A breath of fresh air !! :-D

I've been a social nudist (attending clubs and facilities) for the past 7 1/2 years and one thing has always seemed just a bit 'offset' (unfair if you will) to me---- the ladies get to see us men in our entirety, penis/testicles, but...

Labia stretching

I have been stretching my partners outer labia since we met 5yrs ago. She enjoys the feeling and i enjoy tugging on them as well as the look of them.

Pics of my Labia

My Partner Stefan loves my labia. During the lockdown the other day he asked out of the blue if he could take some pics of my vagina. I of course said yes and duly stripped on the bed He took several photos and I could see he was getting very...