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Join us as we celebrate all things women and one of the best parts of women

The beautiful clit

I love the clit, what do you think of the clit?

I absolutely love lips

I think all of the woman size and shapes and colors are awesome. Keep sharing.

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posted photos of participants

support the statement that only photos of participants or their partners should be included here. That's why they show a picture of my wife

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At last I can post

Thank you for bringing me into the group. Labia are a great subject for discussion and the variety is endless. I love the soft feel of them in my mouth and exploring with my tongue. I don't understand why women would go under the knife to get a...

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Women are unique. No two are alike. They are the best part of humanity and as such deserve to be celebrated. While there are many parts to a woman one of the the things that makes them all different and unique is their labia's. Some are big and...

What a great subject ! We need more Ahhh How...

I have cracked "lips". So it might take some time. Lol Oh some thing so soft, and so tasty ! But so much fun to Ahh ! Thank God is a woman.