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A breath of fresh air !! :-D

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I've been a social nudist (attending clubs and facilities) for the past 7 1/2 years and one thing has always seemed just a bit 'offset' (unfair if you will) to me---- the ladies get to see us men in our entirety, penis/testicles, but unless a lady is sitting or positioned just so, we only get to see her pubis 'camel-toe' for the most part. I for one love the entire female form, very much including the yoni (vulva). I greatly appreciate this group and the wonderful ladies who have posted pictures of their most wonderful physical attribute. Please don't misunderstand, I love all breasts and derrieres (ok the entire as well, but there's a special treat in getting to enjoy a woman who is confident and open in showing her whole person. Again, thank you. (^_^)

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RE:A breath of fresh air !! :-D

I have to admit to being surprised when I run across a few threads here on TN, of guy's who seemed grossed out and objected to the ladies open leg pictures. I made pretty much the same statement to them as you just did.

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RE:A breath of fresh air !! :-D

same I appreciate the entirety of the female body. love it. although i don't find it unfair in the same sense. It just is.

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