Lets Go To Sandy Hook!

This group is for people looking for others to join them to go to the nude beach at Sandy Hook. Being a nudist in New Jersey can be pretty tough, especially with the crazy winter weather. Sandy Hook is the one true place where people who enjoy the nudist life style or just want to break free every once in a while can go and enjoy a day in the sun. While the people there are very nice and...

11/5 - 11/6

Looks like it will be a great weekend for Gunnison, temps supposed to be around 70 and mostly sunny. I'll be going at least one of the days and suspect many others will also be there.

Gunnison 10/11

Planning on going since it appears to be the last 70F day for a while. Anyone else?

Who's Going and When?

Looks like I'll be able to sneak away for some time on the beach This Tuesday 8/2. Would be great to meet some fellow TNers.

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Gunnison 6/24

Made late decision to go today. Anyone else going. If you are, reply or message me and perhaps we can find a way to meet.

need friends

I'm looking for some friends, specifically girls to go to gunnison with. HMU please. I can go to the beach on mondays and thursdays

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heading to Gunnison

The weather looks good for tomorrow Monday 6/6 and Tuesday 6/7 so I'm planning on going. The beach mat for walking is down and extends pretty far towards the water.

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State Parks

NJ is allowing free admission to all state parks this summer. Does not apply to Sandy Hook because it is Federal. While I won't directly affect Gunnison, does anyone think it might result in fewer people attending other beaches at Sandy Hook and...

Beach time in March

The projected temperature this Friday is in the 70's. I'm thinking of driving over for the first nude beach visit of the year. Heck, since the pandemic started. Would love to meet others if you're free and able. I'll have a green St....


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