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This is a subject that I feel is important to bring forward and discuss. As Naturists we all make a point of accepting others whatever they look like, their colour, religion, ethnicity and nationality, but and here is the big questionis it still taboo within naturist circles to accept a naturist that happens to be gay?I am proud to call myself a Naturist and also proud to be a gay man and also in a civil partnership with my beautiful partner. I have noticed over the years within naturist publications and events the lack of recognition and/or acceptance of both single men and gay men. I try to raise above it and just label myself a naturist but before long the subject of that significant other comes up and in my experience the ugly head of homophobia appears in a very small minority of naturists.
I along with hundreds of other naturists actively participate in social media (Twitter, Facebook, True Nudists, Tumblr etc.) and I have noticed among profiles, naturists make a point of stating they are a straight or heterosexual naturist. Now Im not suggesting in anyway this is wrong as I personally make a point on my profile that I am a Gay Naturist. What I would like to ask here is that as a Naturist should our sexual orientation matter at all? My answer to this questions after my experiences on twitter and other social media is that yes it definitely does. I have followed and follow a lot of fellow naturists on twitter and there have been some instances where my follow request has been blocked by a fellow straight naturist for no reason at all, additionally I follow quite a few naturists that seem not to care to follow me back. I may be reading too much into this but I cant help making an assumption here that after reading my profile and seeing that I am gay, are they making a decision that my naturist principals are not true because of my sexual orientation?
I would like to hope in an ideal world that we can all love each other and get on with each other regardless of who and what we are. I guess although the world has changed a lot in terms of acceptance in the last decade. There will always be homophobia, racism, hate, ridicule of the disabled, hatred of other religionsbut PLEASE let us naturists make a stand a promise right now which lets face it is part of our mantra of loving nature and others. Stop all forms of hatred now. Naturists come in all different shapes, sizes, colour, religion, nationality and sexual orientation BUT we are all united by our love and practice of freedom not to wear clothing and our acceptance of others. Thank you for reading and please pass on this message to as many people as you can. Lets make our naturist world a beacon of acceptance, peace and love.

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