Guys Who Like To Show Wife Naked

This group is for guys who like to show their wife naked. Sharing photos here, or they like going to nude beaches and having their wife seen naked by other men and couple.Pictures should be of your wife. Apparently, the pleasure that other men are seeing your wife naked is called candaulism.

Being seen naked

My partner Stefan loves me being seen naked when we go to nude beaches and resorts. He always says they can look but not touch He always compliments me on my body and says the female form is beautiful. It was me who introduced him into naturism and...

My thoughts

I absolutely enjoy other seeing my wife for the true beauty she really is... as I see her. I'm sure most of the men here are of the same mind.

Latest PostWhere is she.
by Rexes2 
Here is Lily

My wife for your enjoyment

new here

My wife laying out soaking up some rays

Latest Post
Nudity Through My Camera Lense

My wife and I have been married for 46 years, and it has always been a fantasy of mine to know that others have seen my wife naked. I am an amateur photographer and my wife has been my #1 model. My portraits have always been tasteful, boudoir or...

The Joy of Seeing Wives

Just wondered what other people think of a tight group sharing the naked beauty of their wives

Benefits of this group

As newcomers to this group which I came across just a few days ago I have to say it is reassuring to know that I am not alone to enjoy my wife being seen by other men. There are some familiar ideas In this group such as casually placed photos or...

Happy to join group

Introducing myself.


I was so glad to see this group. I love posting pics of my wife and i love every chance we get to be naked and for others to see her. She is a BBW by most standards but I think she is beautiful. She says she is too fat but i don't agree with...


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