Guys Who Like To Show Wife Naked

This group is for guys who like to show their wife naked. Sharing photos here, or they like going to nude beaches and having their wife seen naked by other men and couple.Pictures should be of your wife. Apparently, the pleasure that other men are seeing your wife naked is called candaulism.


Years ago I visited a nudist friend of mine. He had never met my wife so asked if I had a picture of her. Since he was a nudist I showed him a few naked pictures of her. He really liked them and got a big erection. He apologised for that, but I...

Wife used to hangout nude with friends but...

Back before we had kids my wife would always hangout naked with me or even with friends over. I loved having friends over for fights or games and have her completely naked in from of everyone. She liked being us beers and stuff and being looked at...

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The wife's wishes have to be respected.

My wife and I are both nudists. The idea of sharing my wife's nude picture is very pleasing to me. I love my wife's body, and showing off her body with nude pictures is something I would love to do. I find it very attractive when a woman is...


Not sure who is pressing the buttons on here but they now have me listed as a moderator of this group and I'm not just a group member

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