Guys Who Like To Show Wife Naked

This group is for guys who like to show their wife naked. Sharing photos here, or they like going to nude beaches and having their wife seen naked by other men and couple.Pictures should be of your wife. Apparently, the pleasure that other men are seeing your wife naked is called candaulism.

Agreed, love partner to be seen nude

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I took my gf to one of my favourite local beaches for the first time. Its a quieter cove which is clothing optional. We settled in and at first I didnt get naked at first.
She mentioned this after a while saying I thought you were a nudist? I explained I was and she encouraged I went for it and that she didnt mind, in-fact shed been looking forward to it.
We talked about my reasons for enjoying nudism, then after a while she plucked up the courage to expose her breasts then soon after completely nude .
It was her first time in public and I was so proud of her. There were maybe a dozen other people on the beach of which only one other couple were nude.
We swam and walked together and the day couldnt have been nicer.
She then decided she was going to chat to a guy that was going out kayaking . Watch my naked girl chatting happily with this guy in shorts completed my amazing day.

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RE:Agreed, love partner to be seen nude

Nothing more pleasurable than having your nude wife /partner being looked at and being appreciated by others. Mens arousal indicate the level of enjoyment they were getting from looking at your lady. Women too love to look at and appreciate men who are nude. We would encourage them by smiling at them as they passed us so that they then felt comfortable and knew that we were open to them either coming closer in order to chat or just near enough to look at us.

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