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Youngsters are more ashamed.

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As far as I can see, youngsters are really ashamed to be naked and you can see that in the locker rooms at gyms, they would never walk around naked and always cover up whereas older guys don't care that much. I am 40 years old and I don't have any problem being naked in the locker room and I think there is nothing wrong with It.

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RE:Youngsters are more ashamed.

I agree!

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RE:Youngsters are more ashamed.

Interesting side note I started doing the World Naked Bike Rides in 2019, doing New Orleans, Montreal and Philadelphia . In those rides the riders were overwhelmingly older (45+) with only a very few under 30. In 2021 I did NOLA again and there were more riders and quite a few more younger riders. So far this year, I have done Austin,TX, Madison,WI, Milwaukee,WI and Chicago,IL. On all rides I noticed many more younger riders, although the majority is still us old farts. Granted these were different venues, and ATX and Madison are college towns but school is out for summer so I don't know if that is a factor. I will be doing Montreal on 7/16 and Philly on 8/27 so I may be able to gauge if in fact there is a bit of a youth movement in the rides. Oh, and by the way, almost all of the younger riders went totally nude. There may be hope!

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