Locker Room Exhibitionist

If you like to be seen naked in the Locker Room, this is the group for you. Post your stories and experiences. No reason to be shy, let it all hang out.

I will undress and head to the shower and I like the looks I get some of them are looking but act like they aren't so when I get out of the shower there's a big mirror and I will stand there and dry off then put towel in hand and go get dress

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RE:love it

I also love bring naked in the lockerroom. I take my time getting undressed all the way after I drop my drawers. I don't wear underwear, I usually am wearing shorts that I can step right out of. Then my shirt ,shoes, then socks. I take my time putting on my gym socks then shoes if I'm not going swimming. Eventually the shorts come but I usually go piss.
Come back slide my gym shorts on and ready togo.
Same way before I shower. I walk around naked carrying my towel eventually I will hang it on the towel hook. And spy which shower I want. Usually I try to get one by another gym buddy that I have conversed with.
I love to be naked around other males. The bond that it forms is truly amazing.

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