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I work as locker room attendant and maintenance at mens spa

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When I start the job most the time was wearing like uniform they give me - white shorts and tshirt, and choice can wear white flipflops or trainers with white socks pulled up to knees and white baseball cap. It's like a private mens spa & lockers at corporate gym - so lotta older dudes and younger like business type dudes only and everybody strolls around naked in the sauna-jacuzzi-showers - seriously nobody shy here or ever cover up - I'm thinking because the older dudes prefer that and got power in business and younger dudes don't want to look like p******s in front of them? But I'm the only young dude and like I say is all older dudes and like young business dudes ----- When I started the job a couple years ago they told me it's cool to remove the uniform when I got to hose down and mop - that they don't mind I do that in a swimsuit. But I never bring a swimsuit I just strip down do the work naked since everybody else is naked in that area already and I always get all soaking wet doing that part the job - but when I'm like attendant in locker room - showing people to their locker and like getting towels they said in the beginning that they prefer I wear the outfit - early on sometime it rushed and crowd come in and I got to attend to them and I forget to put the outfit back on after doing maintenance or clean up - just got on the baseball cap and flipflops - and nobody say nothing about that ever - and that start happening a lot - like all the time - so I forget to put uniform back on forever on purpose like a month into the job - right away was getting better tips - and everybody else around me naked and only dudes so I guess management thinking so what? I guess - everybody smile they see me natural like them - so working like this all the time now. For a while I would change into the outfit to start my shift but then don't put it back on after first time I do mop duty - but then realize don't even need to bother to do that just I strip down and go straight to work. Been there now at this job a couple years on weekends and some days after school and in summers more fulltime - and they like how i do my job so all good I guess.

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RE:I work as locker room attendant and maintenance at mens spa

Yup. If I can work naked it's like not really working in a way.

i agree - like when i get job like one i describe other group be nude cater waiter that shit aint like work at all

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