Loincloth Nudists

For anyone who enjoys loincloths or similiar minimal garb for those occasions when nudity isn't possible. Or for anyone who first got interested in nude living from watching the old TARZAN movies as a kid like I did!

How I discovered my interest

I'm NYC born and raised. Channel 5 used to run the old TARZAN movies every Sunday afternoon and I watched them regularly. Got me interested in the idea of nude living---or at the very least loincloth living.

Making a Loincloth

One way of making a loincloth is to start with an old pair of shorts. first open the crotch. Then open the sides to the waistband. If you start with shorts with a fly after you open the crotch, you can rotate the shorts so the fly is on the side....


How many have read Edgar Rice Burroghs' Tarzan books? In the books, Tarzan doesn't wear a loincloth, but actually prefers to be naked. "This was life! Ah, how he loved it! Civilization held nothing like this in its narrow and...