Everyone nudist/naturist who likes to show his/her nude body and also likes to look at other people's nude bodies.

Reference Pictures

Looking for anyone who would be willing to send be reference pictures that I could use to help me in my figure drawing. My email is

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check out my profile pics

added more pics to my profile let me know good or bad see what I need to improve on I am kinda of new to this site so any advice is greatly appreciated thanks and have a wonderful day

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virtual naked pics

Being naked in a photo on a naturist site is a virtual form of nudity in common, fault in the bad season to practice it outside of home

love to hear what others think...

I would love to know what you think. The good, the bad, the ugly. Please comment!

Like to get drawn

If youd like me to use your pics for references and to have them drawn, please feel free to message me. I am trying to improve my figure drawing

Happy to be nude where ever

If you want a nude visitors even if your guests are clothed, I'm near London, happy to visit, give out drinks, be drawn, photographed etc, drop me a messageOpen to visits round mine, or round your place, if you want a nude waiter for the night or...

love being nude

Love the freedom

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Being Exhibitionist

I love to flaunt my naked body for others..both gives me a huge turn on..Is it considered to be sexual? I feel it is not..opinion please..

being watched

I have been going to Playa linda beach for about 3 years and there are many gay and bi men who go there too.I like being watched by anyone but men seem to want to look more than women,It's ok.I think women just hide and look better then men.