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Unlike other cam2cam groups, join if you fully intend to cam and chat with other members of the group. No real point in collecting members who can't, don't or won't chat. Men have specific issues regarding being nude; this is a place to talk about those issues with other men cam2cam.

nudist skype group

hi here for a skype group chat nudists

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New energised skype group

Hi nudist friends! I've set up a new invigorated skype group as the last few that I have joined have been a bit slow and uneventful. I'm looking for open-minded guys of any age who like to cam nude to join. If you're interested, either...

Group adjustments

Although this is an open group, it seems that some folks are not here for the intended purpose. I have added a moderator who will try to help with the group messages and members. Please post on topic messages only. Additionally, I have begun to...

Nude skype/whereby

Hello josh here 26 years old. Im looking to connect with older nudists who are fully smooth and 55+ for an exhibitionist cam session and whatever else along the way. My Skype user is jboom3232@outlook.com and whereby pm me please. Do not hesitate to...

nude chat

looking nudists for non-sex nude chat on skype serggg123

whereby or skype anyone?

cam chat now?

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M4M Google Chat

Hit me up if you want to M4M Google text/video chat. Can usually text most times. Video chat on weekday mornings. Name on there is drhardy73.

Latest PostSounds great!
by ctmike 
Here my zoom meeting if anyone wants to join

https://us04web.zoom.us/j/7610329322?pwd=VitmVVVWUXU5MX BiS1dRZHZuZlMydz09 I close my zoom meeting room if anyone wants to cam message me and I can reopen my zoom room

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Anyone on cam

I am looking to cam on Skype or zoom this morning with other men

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Type of camming medium

Hi..i am Paul., new to the group.. does anyone have a preference for their camming medium. I use Whereby quite often, I find it easier and less fussy than say Skype, also more discreet.. I have also been introduced to Chatcrypt, but unsure at this...


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