Madison WI (or Vicinity) Naturists

A group fod those that live in, or near Madison, WI

Men's naked yoga

Hello. I'm trying to get a group of guys together in and around Madison for men's naked yoga. I'm fully capable of leading the class for all levels....beginners welcome! Legit to keep a good distance as needed. Message me...

Happy Solstice

Did everyone have a nice night on Monday? Hopefully 6 months from now we can gather around a campfire and enjoy some naked time together. Those days always feel important to me.

Ready for spring!

This cold weather sure is getting old. I'm ready for spring so I can be naked and comfortable. Are there any events planed or in the making for springtime?

Moving Soon

Hello everyone, In the next few weeks I am looking at moving from the Milwaukee area to the Madison area. I don't like big cities, so I want to stick to the surrounding suburbs or rural areas. I would love to hear some advice from locals on how...

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Summer Get Together!

Hello, It's Summer let's get together and enjoy our nudity together. Any suggestions? Cheers! Ric

What happened to Badger Naturists?

Last update on the web site was 2017 and it just seems to have disappeared after Mazo closed.

Hope youre doing well

Stay at home is difficult for some. Im hoping that you are all doing well.

Are there any nudists events in southern...

Are there any people in Wisconsin that want to hangout?

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spring is near

spring is on the way any others in southern WI up for meeting

Fall coming soon , any meetings

Any meetings in Madison area?

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