MALE Beauty

We usually associate beauty with femininity. By contrast with women's, male bodies are built for power and strength, have a 'rugged beauty' of their own. As nudists, it's wholly acceptable to admire others' physical bodies--regardless of their gender or ours. This is a group to express our admiration of the male physique.

Guys' Nipples: Merely Ornamental or...

Back sometime during the last century, Hugh Hefner built an empire marketing Women's nipples, as erogenous for their owners and for the erotic entertainment of men everywhere. Men's nipples haven't gotten that much attention, they're...

Bare Feet-Functional and Sensuous

I think feet are amazing! In proportion to our height, I find it incredible that they keep us balanced and get us where we want to go. A typical human foot has 26 bones, of which some are the smallest in the human body. Those bones are attached to...

The Ancient Greeks and Nudity

As many already know, the Ancient Greeks had a real appreciation of the male body--in terms of athletic ability, aesthetics, even sensuousness and eroticism. It's no surprise then that the first Olympics were performed naked, with thousands of...

Men's Nipple Beauty

What defines a man's beautiful, welcoming, appealing nipples? The color, the size of the arealea, the size or shape of the nipple? Or the pec it is mounted on? Here's a couple of examples.

Male worldwide Nudists WhatsApp group

Hey fellow nudists! I have a nudist WhatsApp group that welcomes nudists from all over the world to join, share experiences and make new connections. If anyone wants to join just drop me a message with your number

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New queer nudism project - Limanakia, Greece

Hi there nudist friends! If you've been to Limanakia in Athens, a famous gay nudist beach, we are starting a new project about the space on instagram @limanakia -- take a look, submit photos and stories! Hugs from Greece :)

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Let's turn the tide

For centuries men's bodies have increasingly become unacceptable and unsavoury, even a threat to our society in general. We have a chance to do everything we can to prove that male bodies are beautiful and something to be admired and loved not...

UN-Dressed for Halloween

Today presents a great opportunity for all of us nudists to introduce friends to nudity in a fun and novel way. If invited to Halloween parties among friends, depending on your comfort level and friendships, why not a nudist theme for the day? In...

More Male Nudity in Film and Television

I find that when it comes to full frontal nudity, the male is always quickly covered or it is a split second view, as opposed to womens breasts and pussy are allowed to linger on camera for much longer! Your thoughts?

What Makes a Naked Dare So Exciting?

For most of us a Naked Dare has a titillation that can arguably be described as sexual. There's an excitement being naked where it's forbidden. The idea that someone will stumble upon us unexpectedly in a Public or Semi-Public place-- not...