Male Bonding2

For those who like to explore the concept and dynamics of male bonding. Men are socialized in different ways in different societies, and so many men would like to have close male friendships, yet after spending time establishing a career, primary relationship and live in general, find themselves without close male friends. Many of us want male friends with whom we can share openly without...

Kik Chat group

Anybody interested in joining a chat group on Kik? Pic swap, Chat and generally Hang out naked! If you fancy joining pop your details down here or send me a message and i will add you. Recently started getting into kik and looking to expand my nude...

Does anyone want to hang out in...

Hi guys, just wondered if any guys hang out in groups naked here in Atlanta/Smyrna area. New to the area and would love to have naked buddies and groups. Any assistance or help would be grateful.


I've noticed recently that urinals are increasingly being built with dividers and no longer open. There's something exciting about peeing next to other guys, and I miss it. Nothing sexual about it, but I feel like most guys like to peek a...

married guys that like to JO

hey guys! I'm a married guy but I've really enjoyed masturbating with other married buds. The problem is finding other married guys that are 1) into it and 2) able to get away to actually enjoy it. Any other married brothers out there that...

Male Bonding Kik Group

Hey, I have a Kik group set up for guys interested in comfortably hanging out nude online together. Straight, bi, gay is all good, since its about the bonding experience and enjoying being men naked together. Relaxed, friendly and not shy! Lol Let me...

west midlands massage or watching

up for some discreet fun

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Whatsapp group

We are planning to create a whatsapp group with who love nudism and dare to share their own nude photos. If interested share your whatsapp number below as commend. Don't forget.. You should sent your full naked photo with clear face atleast first...

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Welcome to Male Bonding

Brothers, We have quite a few new members. As a matter of fact 420 new brothers have joined us in the last three months. Please welcome them! Welcome to our newest members!! If you are so inclined share with us a little about yourself and why you...

Are there friends for me in Germany?

I would like to hang out with some friends. I would love to find close friends and sitting in a jacuzzi. I love the pictures of this page and like to have THAT experience in true live with true nudist male friends as well

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Any guys in the Vancouver BC area

Interested in meeting other male nudists for get together's, hanging out. Single male in Surrey, just outside of Vancouver BC.

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