Male Erection Acceptance Group

A group for men and women who accept that men sometimes get erections and they cannot be helped. This isn't a sign of sexual attraction but a natural thing. Requirements to join!! MUST BE CERTIFIED Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos including your face....

Erections are Natural

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Still strange that people still find something that is natural, as something to be ashamed of. Though as you get older they can be few and far between, damned blood pressure medication.

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RE:Erections are Natural

Such a fantastic feeling getting an erection. Still get them frequently and not ashamed or embarrassed if seen. But agreed there is a time and place. Thank you for this forum and letting us share our thoughts and photos.

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RE:Erections are Natural

The older I get, the less erections I get. So when I do get a stiffy, I want everyone to see my erect penis!The situation you're describing isn't social nudism but exhibitionism. As forced witnesses to your rare erections, we are not seeing anything we haven't seen before, and the issue of your stiffy being more important than every other nudist's comfort at a social nude area is unfortunate. You aren't going to make friends and influence people like that, at least not the kind of friends which many social nudists prefer. Instead, please be proud of your infrequent protrusions in private (or at least under a towel) ~ the Universe will still be a witness to your pride and joy, and no one is offended, and with the added benefit of being able to jerk it off to your heart's delight.

Couldn't he also just find a venue and crowd that appreciate that kind of thing and not do it otherwise? Since there are innumerable such places around the world? I personally don't understand why people want what are mostly private members clubs to change the rules that are part of the process of becoming a member (agreeing to abide by them), given that they know the rules in the first place. Maybe don't join? I also think your crowd would be the worst possible audience for such exhibitionism so I am also not sure why someone would want that in the first place.

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