Male Erection Acceptance Group

A group for men and women who accept that men sometimes get erections and they cannot be helped. This isn't a sign of sexual attraction but a natural thing. Requirements to join!! MUST BE CERTIFIED Absolutely "NO" Private, Or "This user only allows picture/video access to friends," Blank or Empty profiles. Must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos including your face....

During the night

Okay I have to ask ! I was sleeping last night. Normal night, no stimulation, no pills, nothing to get me hard. Well I could not turn over last night. I was pointing to the ceiling all night ! I would just wake up enough to feel that yes I am still...

It doesn't take much

Hi new member here. Recently while walking naked through a well manicured field toward a shadowy rustic area on a partly cloudy day with a temperature near 75 degrees and a comforting breeze that was neither cool or warm I experienced my first spirt...

Showing an Erection?

Note this groups name is "Male Erection Acceptance Group" It does not imply you can show erections here. It's more of a discussion group. There is another site where the rules are more relaxed, "Trueswingers" where I am also...

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by Just-anudist 
New requirements to join

All profiles that did not meet the requirements of this group have been removed. All blank profiles have been removed. All profiles marked "This user only allows pictures/videos access to friends" have been removed. All profiles marked...

There have been several similar groups.

There have been several similar groups and TN Moderation deletes them. My guess is that those groups that got deleted allowed the posting of images of erections. My suggestion would be to either not allow the posting of any images or be certain...

I grew to love it

Growing up I was always taught sex was bad and erections you keep private and dont do anything. It wasnt until I discovered nudism and Skypeing with guys I would always apologize that I was getting erect and they said no need to apologize its...

Skype Erection Appreciation

Anyone want to appreciate our erections on Skype? The natural state of our penises?

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It is what happens.

My nude experiences date back to pre-puberty. We grew up skinny dipping with friends and family and that continued until the kids moved away for college. Not nudists in the classical sense but maybe a style of nudity with comfort in who we are...

Latest Postwell said!
by jerome93 
New Moderator

New requirements to join. All "Private" profiles are being removed. All "For friends only" profiles are being removed. All new members must be certified. All profiles must have at least 2 full frontal nude photos including the...

Erections are natural, no reason to hide it.

A man's erection is natural it's a biological function. Men should be proud of their erections, not hide them.


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