Male Nude Models

dedicated to present and past nude models who would like to share their experiences with those that have or would like to model nude.

Looking for a male model for a private zoom...

Anyone interested? Also interested in male models for a photoshoot.

AZ model opportunities?

Considering the Booze N Brush opportunity but also open to model in photography or drawing/painting. Still pretty new to the model world but Im confident, nonetheless. A little chilly right now for Arizona outdoor things but that will change in a...

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Needing Male Models

Hello all! I am starting to take pencil on paper again after several years. I need to work on the male figure so came to you all for help! I would like to get different poses of men in different styles. My preference is non sexual content and at...

pose suggestions

Hi all, I have been a life model over the last few years (with an unwanted break due to Covid) . I seem to have no trouble learning or developing my own gesture/short timed poses. I tend to struggle to find poses challenging for me and interesting...


got paid first time to model saturday - guy at gym where i work as lifeguard is artist and hire me for 4 hours saturday night. $100 cash! yay!

My Experience Posing Nude

A few years ago I posed for a New York based photographer named Abigail Ekue as part of her Bare Man project where she goes around the country photographing men in the nude. She has published a number of books on the topic and I'm proud to say...

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Nude male for posing

Looking to pose for a group or individuals in central Illinois. Interested get a hold of me

i get sketched

when im naked like outside around other people like nude beach or secret naked places in parks it happen somebody wanna draw me - sometime they ask sometime not - dont matter to me all good i like it - give me nice feeling somebody looking at me...

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Do you find there is a de facto age limit?

Of course there is no official age at which one becomes "too old" to model; but in practice, there does seem to be a preference for younger models. This is even more true for photographers' models -- if you can even find a photographer...

Houston, Texas

Open to model nude for you or your event possible too - Open to poseing or modeling or photgraphy or figure drawings added - Just reach out

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