Males 4 + Size Buxom Females

Men who admire and prefer women who are plus size or a few pounds over that have large breasts. Open to all men and the women who fit in this catagory.

Busty woman with experience mind

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Quite frankly Im okay thanks to all my kind friends here with all there sweet wishes considering my health i love you all Ive a great news about a swingers party coming up very soon on disclose location send a direct message here i will share more info with you here, make sure to include your name and address so i can verify you enough before replying..

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RE:Busty woman with experience mind

Kira, I wasn't aware that you have health issues, I have many so I joke about them. On Friday I got my heart rhythm corrected so I'm doing well, they only had to shock my heart 4 times to do it. I am very curious about your experienced mind, would you be willing to elaborate?

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