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Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

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So, how many of us, gay or straight, have hung out naked with others who are gay or straight? I've hung out with my gay friends, naked, but not with my straight friends, naked.

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RE:Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

I believe this is very much the case.

My own and very limited experience, however, suggests that gay and bi men are more likely to hang out nude with other men than are straight men. Perhaps it is a matter of hang-ups such as those I had for most of my life.
We went from a society in which men were freely nude with/among other men (who may or may not have been nude) to a society in which men are frightened about seeing nude men and being seen nude by other men.

A lot of this is simple body shame. And a good deal of it is the mistaken belief that it's "gay" for men to be nude with/among other men.


There is a small private couple's only (male/female) nudist group in Springfield MO. They will not participate in any activity that might allow single men to participate. It's ok for men to be nude together as long as their female partners are present.

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RE:Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

I have embraced the nudist lifestyle and when getting naked around other guys, ones orientation is not a factor of who I want to be around while naked. It is about the freedom of being naked among others that like doing the same without putting a label on them. I have been around many guys, in the steam room, sauna, a pool, on a hike, at a beach or at a resort that love being naked which shows the true person that you are with. Being a nudist is not about sex but the freedom of living life without clothes.

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RE:Gay Naked Guys with Straight Naked Guys

Ive hung out naked with gay and straight friends its all cool when you know each other. I find as a gay man, straight guys are a little wary about hanging out, but Ive had really positive experiences with nude hangs with either or both.

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