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A group for nudist dog lovers and other pets we call our best friends.

Advice for a dog

Hi time to maybe add a dog to the family. Our 4yrold has been nagging me so maybe its time for him to have one. Any suggestions would be great. pm me thanks

lost a pal

I had to say goodbye to my 9 year old golden retriever Max a few days ago. He was fine in the evening then could barely stand the next morning. I took him in and he they found a tumor on his heart that was bleeding. I couldn't take him home...

My Buddy

My Buddy, who was also named 'Buddy' was a 95lb Black Lab. He loved going on hikes with me, especially if water was involved. He and I would spend countless hours skinny-dipping and swimming in creeks and rivers. We would swim side-by-side...

What breed?

Our Lance is a 5-year-old American Foxhound rescue from Salt Lake City puppy mill by the Humans Society. He is just 100lbs and is a very loyal and energetic guy that loves to show his love by sitting on us. He is great on the boat and loves the...

They sure are

I have a 20 lbs terror mix....she my best freind for sure...she great company for sure we.outside.....

Best friend

My best friend is my Doberman 2 years old and love everyone and all other dogs when we go on a walk were both nude

Lost my best friend

My little lady is gone. She was only 6 pounds. She was a papillon. Her name was Lady Liberty because she was born on the 4th of July. I called her Lady for short. She was so smart and loyal. The only dog I ever had that you could play hide and seek...

Hi all

Just new here. Don't have one myself but love dogs! Some great pics here too ;-)

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My buddy

He is an English yellow lab. About 100 pounds. So much fun.