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He is an English yellow lab. About 100 pounds. So much fun.

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RE:My buddy

My "Buddy" was a 95 lb Black Lab who loved going with me on hikes and skinny dips. He and I would swim together all day long in the local creeks. When it was time to leave, I practically had to drag him out of the water. While hiking downhill, I would let him off his leash. He always reached the water before me. However, when hiking back uphill, I put him back on his leash and had him pull me back up the trails. It made the trek a lot easier. He loved this so much. All I had to do was ask if he wanted to go for a swim, and he would jump into his crate in the back of my vehicle. Always a great time with my Buddy. Sadly, he passed on. I will soon be looking for another hiking/swimming companion.

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