Married Nudists

Married looking for some social events. Fun and just hanging time.

2021 Family Vacations

We are getting closer to Spring here in the US. I am looking at the calender trying to figure when my next naked family vacation is going to be and where to go. Looking for ideas. Considering CO, MO, NM, TX, TN, KS, and other states that are near...

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Does being a nudist deminish attraction?

For us married folk who enjoy the nudist lifestyle regularly at home. Do you feel less attracted to your partner who you see nude on a regular basis? I pose this question after having multiple conversations about the role of sexual attraction in...

Your first resort experience

Looking back at your first visit to a resort what was your biggest disappointment, biggest surprise, and or your most fun memory?

Flattery, complements, and flirting

Being new to nudist/naturist I do understand that for most sex is never part of this. I know this and I respect this. My question is this... If lines are never crossed or broken and manners and respect are always used is flattery complements, and...

Has the lifestyle enhanced your marriage...

Somewhat deep in reflection last night when some friends were over. I could see some element of change since we included social nudity to our home nude lifestyle. The wife has opened up from her much conservative rearing. I being born a free spirit...

Friend us!

Any other non-swinging married couples looking for friends? Please feel free to friend us... and come over for a soak in our hot tub!! Thanks!!!

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by AustinJohn 

hEY WHY ISNT THERE ANY NEW DISCUSSION HERE? Also why on pics is the female more covered up than the male?

Hello to everyone

Greetings from NorthWest Texas, Sam (her) and Dennis (Him).Dennis has been a nudist for several years and has been to resorts in the past.Sam is tenatvily testing the waters so to speak about nudity and social nudity in particular.We share this...

Hi from Houston

Hi all, we're new from the Houston area.

Cover pics

Wow , we are the cpl that is being used for your cover , its on our guest cabin at our Lifestyle Resort in Missouri