Married Nudists

Married looking for some social events. Fun and just hanging time.

Nude zoom

Any couples interested in participating in a Zoom conference with other couples to discuss the ups/downs, insights, advice, journey of nudism/naturism. All in the nude of course?

Are you looking to explore BDSM ?

Are you curious about BDSM? Have you ever been spanked or Flogged ? Would you like to get that sensual feeling of being eroused ? Would you like to experiment and explore new horizons ?? Ideal for single mature women , grannies , and open minded...

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Are you looking for a Mature Adult Male...

Mature Adult Male Nude cleaner for hire , duties include Dust all hard surfaces. Vacuum and/or mop floors. Wipe down appliances. Wipe down and disinfect countertops. Wipe down mirrors. Scrub and disinfect the kitchen sink. Scrub and disinfect...

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If you are married/taken/dating, please...

I've been a solo nudist for 12 years and now I have a girlfriend. She's ok about being naked with me or just let me be naked with her by my side. But I'd like to hear experiences from you. So, nudists that have a partner: 1. Do you get...

Barriers to Bromance

I am really excited to find this group and to connect with other guys open to deeper friendships and connections. I have wanted something like this for a while, but wasn't sure where to start. While I am still starting this exploration, I have...

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by NakedHealing 
Mature Couple

I love to chat with mature couples. Would you enjoy the company of a new mature person? I'm in the South West of the UK and welcome the time to chat with you Regards N

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NW Indiana

We are Debbie and Richard from the Hoosier state. We are always looking to meet new friends. We prefer mature people (40+). Size, color, religion or gender are non factors. We will chat here, email, text, KIK or Skype. We will host or travel to meet.

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Email chatting?

Are there any mature couples over 50 interested in sharing some emails, experiences and pics with friends. We would love to hear from you. Just send us a message and we can begin chatting. Thanks

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It's about the process...not the...

I know that sounds really "clich" and right out of a self-help book; but it does also apply to nudism. As married men, many of us we would like nothing more than our wives to whip off their clothing after (or even before) checking in a...

Drunk texting

My somewhat shy wife recently drunk texted( with some encouragment from me) her friend some pictures from a nude beach we were at. One picture was from the back of me, another both of us, and the third a clear non-slip. The friend said she loved the...