Married Nudists

Married looking for some social events. Fun and just hanging time.

NW Indiana

We are Debbie and Richard from the Hoosier state. We are always looking to meet new friends. We prefer mature people (40+). Size, color, religion or gender are non factors. We will chat here, email, text, KIK or Skype. We will host or travel to meet.

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Email chatting?

Are there any mature couples over 50 interested in sharing some emails, experiences and pics with friends. We would love to hear from you. Just send us a message and we can begin chatting. Thanks

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anybody in the midwest?

Nude zoom

Any couples interested in participating in a Zoom conference with other couples to discuss the ups/downs, insights, advice, journey of nudism/naturism. All in the nude of course?

If you are married/taken/dating, please...

I've been a solo nudist for 12 years and now I have a girlfriend. She's ok about being naked with me or just let me be naked with her by my side. But I'd like to hear experiences from you. So, nudists that have a partner: 1. Do you get...

It's about the process...not the...

I know that sounds really "clich" and right out of a self-help book; but it does also apply to nudism. As married men, many of us we would like nothing more than our wives to whip off their clothing after (or even before) checking in a...

Drunk texting

My somewhat shy wife recently drunk texted( with some encouragment from me) her friend some pictures from a nude beach we were at. One picture was from the back of me, another both of us, and the third a clear non-slip. The friend said she loved the...

Wives being "weird" about social...

There have been topics about "head-scratching" moments with our I decided to make it a thread. For fun and perhaps some education. My first wife started out "reluctant" like many wives. On her first trip, after...

Naked People Photo Project

Hello, check out my new project out and send your photos if you want :)

Married couples

Are other couples concerned with going to a nudist resort, and finding out that it is a swingers haven We went to a resort in Calif, and my wife was propositioned to join a "group" for some fun. Havce other run into the same situation?


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