Mature Naturists

A group designed for older naturists who are proud of their bodies and lifestyle Be brave and post your pics Don't be afraid to Comment they are most welcome Blank private or photo less profiles will not be accepted

Doctor Visit

I recently went to my doctors for an annual check up . My Doctor who is male and in his thirties is a nice guy. He asked me a few questions took my blood pressure etc. He then noticed I hadn't had a smear test for a while and asked if I wanted...

What age is "Mature?"

Just curious what age is considered to be mature? or is it based on looks, shape of body and appearances? I consider my wife and I mature; we are 33 and 32 yo. Just curious what ages fit the description.

Body getting older

We all know as we age our bodies change a bit. I was wondering what are you still proud of your body as you enter your mature years. Me personally I like the way my boobs have developed and my partner Stefan agrees as he loves caressing and kissing...

I'm looking for a female nudist partner

I have been living alone for 8 years. I love nudity. Im naked happy, but I really miss a lady mate. Ladies! If you find me sympathetic, email me at my email address or talk to a skype webcam. My Skype Name: vorostenerife. Very bad...

Looking for nudist friends

Greetings to everyone. I am Andrea from Italy, 58 years old, divorced, nudist. Glad to be part of this group. I am looking for friendship with other nudists (women, couples, men) from all over the world. Anyone can visit my profile by reading what I...

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West midlands

I have been s nudist from pre teens. I like being naked but its 90% at home live on a boat so not easy outside, wife is disabled so does go naked .9

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Group photo.

I like this new photo very much. Good choice.

Looking for nudist friends

Hi everyone, I'm Andrea from Italy, 57 years old, divorced. I am looking for friends (women, couples, men) to talk to. I consider being naked a natural fact, I am not ashamed to be seen completely naked. I am not attractive, I know, but I am...

Hi from Canada

Hello, we're from Saskatchewan, Canada. And yes that is a real place. We live on the prairies in the west central part of Canada.

Hi from Italy

Greetings to everyone. I'm Andrea from Italy, 57 years old, nudist. I am glad to be in this group. I am not ashamed to show myself naked to all of you, not by sexual provocation but by being myself in freedom and shortness. I am looking for...

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