For all those who meditate - especially if you do it naked

Scientific Proof of How Meditation is Good for Mind and Body

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Many years ago I watched a TV experiment in which volunteers were connected to brain activity monitors as they lay resting on beds. One man was sleeping normally, another was under hypnosis, and the third was a yoga practitioner. As we know, the brain is never completely 'asleep' but is constantly working, processing, and managing the body. Brain wave activity on the sleeping man showed quite a lot of activity, which is normal, while the subject under hypnosis showed less vigorous activity. The yogi however, showed perfectly low, almost flat harmonic brain waves. When the subject were awakened after the experiment, the first two were slightly 'groggy' like people normally are when waking from a deep sleep. The yogi however was instantly aware, and sat up, appearing calm and rested, with a peaceful smile. That is what started me 'meditating,' lying down, letting my mind drift, and relaxing totally. It works for me!

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