Melbourne Circumcised Guys

A group for men from Melbourne to discuss being circumcised, compare notes and thoughts and perhaps meet up for discussions and gatherings. be proud of your status, no matter which it is. We are who we are, we've got what we've got. Would be great to get a group together as well.

Age group of C guys

Hiya all just wondering what % of men, age group do get Circumcised? Im 53 guess back then was the done thing to do wonder hoe many new born's are being done these days if through out the ages , trends have changes have noticed a big % of men my...

Another Try for a Group Gathering

Greetings Fellow Helmet-heads! lol! just thought I'd try and see if anyone's up for a group get together..even a small group. Also, can anyone host a little gathering of naked mates one night for a nude get together of fellow circumcised...

Any guys interested in group...

G'day guys..wondering if there are any other circumcised guys who are interested in a gathering for open discussion/sharing about what it's like to be a circumcised man. good or bad experiences, thoughts, issues..anything at all. Hopefully...

Hi all

Hey guys. Just checking in after a long absence. I love talking about circumcision and hanging out nude with fellow circumcised guys. What do you guys like about it?

Onsen Ma Today

Hey Melbourne men, I'm going to go to Onsen Ma in the CBD today after 2. Would be good to meet some other Melb nudists there. Cheers!

Latest Post

Guys, I also have a facebook up and running for Circumcised blokes in Melbourne. It's a closed group, so if you're interested in joining, please send me a private message via my truenudists page with your email address and an invite to the...

Meet up

Come on guys. When is this meeting gonna happen. Im free next Sunday afternoon 4/8 Anyone else?


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