We are all men - let's have a good time and help each other out

Hairy or smooth?

Men, are you hairy or smooth? I was smooth last winter. It felt great but the maintenance was arduous. So now I'm hairy all over. Which are you?

Hi, we Exchange Skype?

Hi im Adolfo muscle nudist guy from Dallas Texas, i want to meet other nusdist people and do videochat

Who knows you are a naturist?

Just wondering how many people on here have made their naturism public to friends and family? I have not, simply because of the stigma I think still exists! I am told that there is a current storyline on "Doctors" (which I don't see as...

Guys Sharing Nude Time & Body Touching...

As a Gay man and a nudist since childhood I have found shared nude time with another nude guy /s whether it is in person or online is the ideal way to break down any body image issues and get to know one another without inhibitions. While nude with...

New to this

Looking for men to hang out with in Wisconsin. In the winter playing games and cards. In the summer hiking,camping and other outdoor activities.

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Times are Changing and so is changing in the...

Don't be surprised if ,in the USA, there will be a law that prevents nudity in locker rooms.

Looking to connect with nudists!

Hi,Love this group!I just wanted to say hi to everyone in the group.Would love to welcome new friends :) Especially those interested in getting fit, nude.Col.

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new Member

Joind Jan 2018 . Based UK North West, older guy but love to hang out with others

Define ,PLAY,

I like to be naked with other guys and love to play with a guys penis and have mine gently stroked too!!

Hello Arizona men

Interested in meeting other nudist men - skinny dipping, camping, boating, hiking. Let's set up some events!

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