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Panties, pants, underpants, undies, briefs, knickers: call them what you will. Knickers come in all shapes and amounts of coverage of the bum from G-strings (practically no coverage), through thongs which usually cover the crevice but not the...

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Aussiebum briefs and boxers

I find some aussiebum underwear ok to wear all day to the office and give a nice shape to my package.

Brand recommendations?

What brands do you like? Which ones should we stay away from? Thank you!

I make most of my briefs

I've always seen, I love it. I've made briefs before, but I really got into it when the pandemic started. What kind of briefs are you into? Looking for inspiration.

David Archy offering free shipping today....

David Archy is my favorite underwear. They have a sale this weekend, free shipping.

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fragrant briefs

I love the smell of briefs after wearing them for a few days. I just bought one ounce samples of what I thought might serve as "down under" fragrances: musk, santal, myrrh, cedar, and patchouli. I've applied myrrh and musk to my...

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Briefly in briefs

I dont mind wearing boxer/shorts and briefs but Id rather be taking them off lol

Box briefs

Hi guys, I know wed far rather be hanging about naked but there are occasions when underwear is required. During the summer months Im usually commando or occasionally wear a jock but briefs in the colder winter days. Ive discovered Box menswear...

Unisex knickers

I have often thought that I would like to wear women's plain white maxi briefs. They look so exciting, caressing their cheeks. Being more stretchy than most men's underwear, they would allow peeing over the top and sitting positions; the...

Has to be briefs

Dont get me wrong I would prefer to be buck naked but if there must be underwear it has to be briefs/jocks/speedos. The less coverage the better