Men Women Commando

this group is meant for those who love to go commando or dont wear undies ..lot of us have challenge being public nudists due to related social and state regulations.. but no one can stop us going commando..let the other community be intrigued by our free underneath looks...if you love to wear tights without even better..anyone who has shun undies..lets grow this group..LET THE SKIN BREATHE..

Living commando

Hey everyone, I've been living commando for a long time. I do wear underwear at a certain time of month but only then. The rest of the time I'm free. I find it far more comfortable. What are your thoughts on being or living commando?

The free feel inside is just amazing

Love the free feel inside and hope our female nudist feel the same way when they get rid of their bra n panties..its,a lovely feeling shouldn't we let our skin feel free n breathe free too ...I love n enjoy the ogling n stares when I move out...

choosing husbands underwear

I dont wear underwear, havent for years. My husband does wear it however. Since the start of the year it has become a game for me to select what underwear he is going to wear that day, briefs, boxers, jock. There have been days when I have...

Hi group I've just joined this group

I've been Commando for years now and love it - as someone else said it's the next best thing to being naked. I don't wear socks either so don't know if there is a group for that on here?

Full-time commando

Ive been full-time commando for a number of years now, since becoming a nudist. I dont even own any underwear and havent for several years now. Though my preference would be fully nude all the time the next best thing is being commando 100% of the...