For single men gay, straight or bi who might find it difficult or awkward to holiday solo on naturist holidays. To enable men to link up with like-minded men and international friends in a holiday setting.

Holiday in Madrid, Barcelona and Sitges Spa,...

Hi everyone, I will be arriving in Madrid about the 22nd of April 2018 and staying until the 25th of April. Where should I go and are there places to be nude? Anyone want to meet up and HON? Barcelona from 25 April to 28 April, then a Mediterranean...

Hombre de 41 aos en Gran Canaria

Deseando conocer gente nudista de cualquier parte del mundo

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Nude holiday in Europe in May

there single gay nudist here hoping to have a holiday in Europe for a week in May and wanting to find places close to airports that welcome singles? Any ideas gratefully received? Cheers!

WNBR Portland, Oregon - June 23, 2018!

Just announced, the World Naked Bike Ride - Portland, Oregon will be held Saturday, June 23rd this year. This is the largest WNBR by far. Thousands of people participate. There are several nude rides before the main event. The main ride begins at...

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Hi guys! I'm Col. I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. Love naked holidays! I would really welcome any friend requests as I'm quite new here, still finding my way around, and don't know many people. Enjoy! x

Visit spectacular beaches and stay at...

Hi. The Eden Tour is created to cater for the worldwide demand of Nudists to enjoy some of the most picturesque places in South Africa. Hosting some of the best beaches and natural scenery in the world, this tour takes Nudists to exactly that and...

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Malta 3-10 March

Travelling to Malta 3-10 March. Any locals or travellers, happy to meet up

Naturisme au L'Ile du Levant

il ya quelcun pour unes idees sur cette ile naturiste ? il ya quelques naturistes qui connu cette ile ? merci, je penser allez au moi de Jullier

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Have a sun filled holiday in South Africa.

Doing tailor-made tours in South Africa, I am planning a picturesque nudist tour covering nudist resorts and beaches from the Cape Town coast (Sandy Bay) along with the Garden Route to the KwaZulu Natal coast (Trafalgar beach). The tour will also...

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Australia or South Africa?

Planning ahead for the end of the year holiday. Have vacation 20 December 2018 - 7 January 2019 and the husband and I want to explore either Australia or South Africa. Both sound so exciting. We want to have lots of nudist opportunities, and...

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