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Gran Canaria May 2022

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Hi naked gents. How are you all.
I'm a gay guy, living in London. I am taking a couple of weeks off work (NHS) at the beginning of May and I'm wanting to come to Gran Canaria to spend my days on the nudist beaches and the evenings exploring the local culture and cuisines.
So I'm looking for a kind friendly nudist who can host me for a portion of trip or the whole trip. Even a few nights if that's all your available for is fine with me. Maybe you can advise me on places to go , see and enjoy... and maybe even join me also.
Let me know what you think. Looking forward to hearing from you and hopefully meeting/staying with you this may. Cheers B x

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RE:Gran Canaria May 2022

Should be a good place for a minimally clothed vacation.
Someone on another board posted that he moved to Gran Canaria and abandoned pants and slacks completely.
Found the island to be nude tolerant in many places that were not officially clothing optional, including some outdoor shops, taverns and cafes. When he had to wear something, a small wrap was sufficient in most others.
On the rare occasion he had to be fully dressed, he wore a kilt.
Last time he posted, he hadn't worn pants or shorts in over two years and had gotten rid of all but one of each,

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RE:Gran Canaria May 2022

Hi Billy,

Hope your vacation goes / is going / went well! I've always wanted to go to the Canaries...

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