Michigan Nudist

for people form Michigan

Northeast michigan

Does anyone have any advice on finding a place to get naked in Northeast michigan?? I keep hearing about cherry lane and turtle lake but they are so far away. I'd even settle for someone with a big back yard lol

Were i live

Webberville mich area anyone else

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by jonraiss74 
Cherry lane or North haven nudist resorts

Anyone ever been to these places. Looking to go and be nude in front of others for first time and want a good experience.

nude 5k

anyone going to the 5k run ? Let me know, thanks!

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Nude camping in Michigan

WE are looking for a campground or camping site what would be suitable for clothing optional camping...maybe with water access. Is there a campground, or forest or island location which would be safe for nudists in the northern regions of the lower...

Meeting Nudists

It seems like it is easier to hook up for BDSM, Swinging, etc. than it is to meet other nudists. ~ ButterballCouple (Julie and Wayne)

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TLR meetup

I know it's only May, but a small group of friends is planning on staying at TLR from July 28th through the 30th. Anyone willing to join us for a TN get together?

Nuance Naturist Bed & Breakfast

Has anyone stayed at the Nuance Naturist Bed & Breakfast that is North of Battle Creek?

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Anyone going to Turtle Lake Easter Weekend?

I need some public nude time - if not Turtle Lake, anyone else have any ideas??

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