Middle Tennessee Nudists / Naturist

For nudist / naturist discusions and socializing for Middle Tennessee residents. Membership requests from rest of state and all bordering states also accepted.

Group has gotten active.

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In the last 16 days, it seems a number of us have discovered this discussion group. I know it may be premature to bring up since the pandemic is not over, but I am hoping this level of interest means the start of an active social nudist group. So, the mission is to prompt a discussion on what a social nudist group inTennessee would look like after we are free to get together again. What kind of activities would you be interested in? I realize there are members from all over TN so maybe each region would form their own group. My point here is to get us all thinking so when the timing is right we can be ready to move. What say you my fellow Tennessee nudies?

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