Military/Exmilitary Nudists

Open to all active duty and former military persons who served in a military branch. Who enjoy being nude whenever, wherever and with whomever they can be. Past, Present and Future. SempreFi.

Happy Veterans Day

Remembering those that served, are serving, and most importantly those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Join me in a moment to remember why we have this holiday.

did boot camp help you become a nudist??

Loved boot camp first time I took a shower with about 70 other men no choice to feel comfortable naked, then I served 3 years on a submarine and defiantly no privacy we all saw each other naked getting in and out of the shower but also it was never...

active nudist tips

hey all, i'm active duty and new to nudism. I'd love to explore it more but nervous about having it come back to bite me in the military...any experiences or tips? Or other active guys making it work? Thanks!

Became a nudist while in Air Force

Was only in for 4.5 years 83-88. Got caught up in the troop drawdown in 1988 so got out. Worst decision I ever made. Grew up in a very religious family so nudity was taboo. Was stationed overseas in England. Sent on a TDY to Portugal in 1987. One of...

NAVY Veteran AG5

NAVY Veteran - 1967-1971. USS Kitty Hawk CVA-63, Navy Class 'A' School Aerographers Mate, Lakehurst NJ, FNWC, Monterey CA.

82 Airborne

Greeting y'all. just joined the group. I'm in another one on here too. Hope every one is having a great day.

Air Force vet 20 years of service retired

Hi! Just wanted to say how nice it is to be associated with a group of military and exmilitary and who are nudists. I served from the 70's to the late 80's and enjoyed every minute. I made fast friends both nudist and non nudists and...

OIF vets

Not sure how many of us are in here, but sound off.

US ARMY Signal Corp Middle Tennessee

Welcome all Military and Ex Military nudist male, female, trans or CD's if your a nudist your a friend of mine.

Baltimore/DMV Area

Hey there everyone! Currently live between both DC and Baltimore and always open to meeting new people. Been back in this area a little over a year from San Diego, would be great to have a game or movie night sometime. Let me know!

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