Military/Exmilitary Nudists

Open to all active duty and former military persons who served in a military branch. Who enjoy being nude whenever, wherever and with whomever they can be. Past, Present and Future. SempreFi.

Retired RAAF

Hi all, 21 years servive in the RAAF and active tours in Timor, Iraq & Afghanistan. Retired now and enjoyed my time while serving. Nudist most of my life and enjoy the lifestyle and freedom.

Corporal in the quartermasters corps

I was in the IDF from 1979-81. I wasn't a nudist then.

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New guy here

Hi all. U.S. Army retiree 1983-2010; Living in rural Kentucky; Just Cause, Korea Defense and Iraqi Freedom participant. Member of the VFW, Legion, DAV and AMVETS and have or am holding offices in the organizations.

US Army

I was in the US Army in Korea 2004-8 then the California Reserves until 2011. Now I'm out and live in Utah! I really got started as a nudist during this time, especially when I had my own room!

US Navy

AE A school JAX, Fla. Graduated July 3,1969 VT-31 NAS CCTX till 1970 VF-41 Black Aces F-4Js Med cruises 71 and 72 Franklin D Roosevelt CVA-42

Anyone Deployed in Africa right now?

Just curious if there's anyone in here deployed to Africa right now. I'm here and will be for most of the year and thought it would be neat to meet others from TN who are here. I have a room to myself so I am able to hang out in my room...

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Nude on TDY/Deployment

Anyone with good stories of being naked while on TDY? I have a couple. On a visit to Germany there was no room in the VOQ so I was placed in a hotel off base. One evening I wandered down to the hotel sauna and found that it was coed and nude...

did boot camp help you become a nudist??

Loved boot camp first time I took a shower with about 70 other men no choice to feel comfortable naked, then I served 3 years on a submarine and defiantly no privacy we all saw each other naked getting in and out of the shower but also it was never...

Hello and hey lol

I'm just trying to outreach my hand etc. Am currently stationed in south korea, and was wondering if anyone else is here? Would like to find a nude friend. Also will be going to incirlik turkey in summer so anyone there that I could start...

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