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For guys that use Mister B&B - a gay version of Airbnb that is the largest gay hosting and accommodation website in the world. Unlike Airbnb they actually have a 'clothing optional' search filter. If you host guests, or use Mister B&B please feel free to join this site.

*update: apparently airbnb and misterbnb are not shutting down peoples listings in philly. I think they realize the city cant possibly enforce the license because they dont have the skills to even find people. haha. So as of now, my (nude) bookings have increased. Thanks to this site and bateworld... :)

Sadly, I expect my hosting site access in Philly will be gone starting in July 2022. The city of Philadelphia is imposing strict, a difficult to get and expensive license to be on airbnb or misterbnb. Im have over 160 positive reviews on misterbnb in philly and loved hosting there. I especially enjoyed that 1/3rd or more were nude.

If you are needing a reasonable place to stay in philly , and be nude; hit me up.

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looks like the city of philadelphia is not organized to ever really enforce the required licenses. Haha, no surprise.

Hope you find a good host for the philly NBR

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theyre looking to make it difficult and help hotels , I believe.
Fortunately it's been a month and i continue to get booking requests for my listings on both sites so i guess it's like taxes, they mostly wont catch you if you dont volunteer.

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