Mumbai Outdoor Nudist

Hi all Mumbaikar and Indian Nudists. I am creating this group to find outdoor locations and places for nudist recreation near Mumbai and later in other parts of India. You are welcome to join this group if you are looking for outdoor nudist recreation in India. As we all know, Indian culture and society, where nudism is not at all accepted publicly. We are mostly home nudists. Once we achieve...

Naturist Indian

I have created a group for Indian naturist nudist on telegram. Purpose of this group is to increase interaction between all Indian either indoor or outdoor of any gender or group. Since NUDISM in india not general hope this group will help to all...

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Being naked in front of family.

Hi, Has anybody (male) been fully naked in front of his mom, with his cock full erect, as a teenager or older? I have enjoyed it a lot.

Nudists Meet Up in Mumbai

Hello fellow nudists, I am Krishna, a nudist from Kerala. I am planning to visit Mumbai in March and will be in Mumbai for two weeks. I would love to meet and hangout with attractive and well endowed nudist men in Mumbai. Please comment if you are...

Visit India want to hangout?

Hey there I want to visit Delhi and Mumbai sometime in June. It would be great to hangout with some nudists..

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Meet program

Want to program a naturist meet at a secret beach spot 80 kms from Mumbai? Friends around Mumbai will send the information if they only give their email in the inbox.

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by 42pawan 
Let's plan a meetup

We should plan a meet in Mumbai soon. In case a place is not available, we can meet in a hotel room or even have a clothed meet in a public space if everyone is not comfortable in being nude the first time.

It is a SIN to be NAKED. (just my experience)

It is a SIN to be NAKED. In our country it is allowed and accepted only for adult men of 2 religious sects (1. Hindu Naga Sadhu 2. Jain Muni of Digambar sect) to be naked in public, otherwise it is considered a SIN for us to be naked other than...

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We are all on the friend list. But there is no meeting and conversation with anyone. Please be active and meet outside the virtual world and try to know each other's thoughts. With the same hope for your reply. Thank you

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Telegram group

Active Genuine members (No Gender Restrictions) are most welcome to join us on Telegram. We are mixed gender group of genuine Nudists. If Interested kindly inbox me your details, Thanks.


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