Nackt In Berlin / Nude In Berlin

Diese Gruppe ist fr alle FKK-Freunde in Berlin (Deutschland). Sinn und Zweck soll sein, sich auszutauschen, (neue) Freunde kennenlernen und sich auch auch aerhalb der virtuellen Welt zu treffen.This group is for all nudist friends in Berlin (Germany). The purpose should be to exchange ideas, meet (new) friends and to meet also outside the virtual world.

Berlin 7th to 12th 2024

I'm a solo traveller to Berlin in January next year. I'm looking to meet a like minded nudist for a beer and maybe a spa. I'll be staying in the H4 Alexanderplatz.

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Is still active

I am wondering if this group active! Have not seen any open discussion from the Berliner nudists!

I'm from Ireland.

Question ?? Anyone from Mainland Europe here Germany/Netherlands Etc..... can suggest to me [ Ireland ] where is Hot/Warm weather and nice to Visit, to go Nude outdoors,,Tan, and Experience Naked in Nature ETC.. I'm a Newbie, most Irish are...

Bayerischer Platz

Anyone fancy Meeting up ?

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