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Challenges and rewards of being nude at home

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Anyone like to expand on the subject? The chat area sems to major on "how are you and the weather and Good Morning and good afternoon. Very little chat about the why's and the wrerefore's of being nude at home. My rewards are the weight off my shoulders, the sense of freedom, the coming alive of all the senses, almost arousal and exhiliaration. Nothing new there then. Also the anticipation and fear that someone utterly "clothed conscious" and well known to the family might just appear at your door unanounced!!!! Food for thought only.

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RE:Challenges and rewards of being nude at home MY THOUGHTS ON THE SUBJECT

There aren't any challenges to being a comfortable nudist of any particular sort. Tell people you usually don't wear clothes of any sort and state the case at every reasonable opportunity. If these other people know your nudist and likely to be nude, they'll act accordingly. I have never hidden the fact from anyone, but it's been a huge point of interest for most people and I've chatted while relaxing totally nude in my garden and elsewhere, with people who are fully dressed themselves yet want to know the inside story of the lifestyle. Some people might be interested in stripping off to see what the sensations of total nudity are, some might go home and try it out for themselves alone. Why do most of use hide the facts and have these concerns? My last garden wasn't particularly private and the neighbours could assume I might be naked in my garden and either didn't look my way, or would wave and go on about what they were doing in their own homes with no problem at all.

My immediate neighbours were Muslim and were happy to know I might be nude, but that didn't stop them chatting from behind the fence and sharing their meals which were rather a novelty to me as I hadn't a clue what their food was like. The only problem was their children climbing over the fence to recover balls they were playing with and me showing where they'd landed, recovering them for them, then letting them return to their own house via the garage instead of risking injury climbing back over the fence. The lads were teenagers who played with tennis balls for cricket and other games and their younger sister had a habit of climbing on the roof of their shed to collect fruit from my tree which hadn't fallen off and gone rotten on the ground. She did that whether I was in the house or garden anyway, but while it didn't bother her I was totally nude, I told her parents what she was doing and kept an eye on her so I could be of some help if she fell off the roof and got hurt.

The other neighbours on the side were of Indian heritage and didn't mind me being nude and sunning on pleasant days. They simply ignored me for the most part but would ask me to cover up if they had friends or family for a visit and I'd simply put some shorts on for however long they stayed next door. When they wanted to use their garden to host, I'd not go out naked but when they were gone after their own happy BBQ or relaxing in their garden, they'd let me know and I could resume my sunning or just chat about how things had gone for their own time off and relaxation. It isn't rocket science is it????

Contrast this with having neighbours fight, play loud music at all hours or create huge amounts of smoke from burning rubbish in their own gardens when they are naturally close by to supervise the activity. Nothing is a problem provided there is communication. It's not my concern if other people wear clothes, and it isn't their concern if I'm naked. Think more about it and make up your own minds. Once people know you are likely to be nude, it's up to THEM to work out their response, not the other way round. They don't have to look, they don't have to comment, they can adapt to nude people as much as we want them to, if they are also willing to live and be realistic rather than manufacture difficulties. Having said this, how is it a problem if we're all reasonable and

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