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For people who like to be naked in the house...

so every one

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naked moment cappucino moment request friend welcomed

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Naked grass cutter

Cut grass naked all summer but a long ways from road have not been caught yet but who knows when that will happen

Help for a new nudist

Hello:Im from Spain and im nudist for 1 year. I practice it at home and in summer, on the beach but i have a problem.At home everything its ok but outside im very nervious and i dont like it because i want to enjoy it, so i want to know if somebody...


Anyone up for a camchat

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Living in UK

Hi living in Belfast. UK. Its hard no nudists allowed. Only naked indoors, evenings when blinds closed LOL

76-year-old Utah man who sunbathed nude in...

Anyone know this guy? is he on truenudists?76-year-old Utah man who sunbathed nude in his backyard pleads not guilty to lewdness chargesSounds like he was asking for trouble, chain-link fence with no privacy...

Naked at Home, Always

We love entertaining at home naked. In the pool, jacuzzi or just sitting around the fire at night naked is a good start. We play pool, games and always into fun with others naked.

Nudity at home

Hi Room. First of all I am new on this site. We all have our reasons for wanting to be nude in the house. I just thought I should say what mine is, in June 2013 I had a liver transplant and one of my anti rejection drugs makes me very prone to skin...