Naked At Home - 2014 / 2018

For people who like to be naked in the house...Please insert your home photos.....ONLY PHOTOS AT HOME...

Looking for home nudist friends in Seattle...

Hi, , It would be really nice if I had some nudist friends in my vicinity whom I could visit and be nude with... given it's a bit of a drive to c-o venues and nudist clubs & resorts, for me, living near SeaTac. Currently my wife and I have our...

How do I encourage my partner to accept my...

Am always nude at home alone. My partner and I both sleep naked and will both happily go about our business upstairs naked but she won't be naked downstairs and this saps a bit if my confidence to be naked around her downstairs??

Instead of hubby

I have seen many posts and blogs about husband is the only nudist,wife do not accepting or not into it. is there any incidents that totally opposite that wife is the only nudist and husband dont like to be nude social?????

Hanging naked

Married with a kid so even naked at home is rare since wife does not like it... but i still manage

feeling embarrased naked after shaving

Hoping someone may have some suggestions regarding an embarrassing situation I find myself in with my wife - having just totally shaved myself recently - down there. Felt it would make me look younger for various reasons. it's now a weird...

Looking for nude friends in Colorado

I love to be nude at home and outdoors. Even with the chilly weather we are having now there are always opportunities for outdoor activities. Whether hiking, taking photos, or just sunning on a rock, I would love some company.

I'm nude right now.

Been nude since I got home from work. Danced naked in the living room. Love to do that.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all!

Need friends

Hello guys i am a nudist and I like to be naked. I am looking for friends to talk with. Please message me

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